Swimming New Brunswick revised standards for 2016-2017

standard paper  (July 19 2016)

SwimNB 25m standard 2016-2017 pdf :  sc-snb-aa-a-b-nnb  updated nov 24 2016

SwimNB 50m standard 2016-2017 pdf:  lc-snb-aa-a-b-nnb updated nov 24 2016

Hytek import file:  please contact the SwimNB office for the Hytek file



Canadian National standards: 2015-2016:  https://www.swimming.ca/en/resources/teams-selection-policies/national-standards-2015-2016/

Canadian National standards 2016-2017:https://swimming.ca/content/uploads/2015/06/2017-standards-revised-final.pdf









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