2020 SNB Annual General Meeting

Dear all,

I would like to remind you that 2020 Swimming New Brunswick AGM will take place 25th October at 7p.m. by conference call (link to the meeting: https://my.umx.vc/join/6152176805)

Please find attached 2020 SNB annual report along with the documents required for the AGM. Kindly note that these documents can be retrieved via the following Google drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mGA5UBsONzAOO7V46WfBvAdXkmxIrgmk

For the voting delegates, you will receive an email from Swimming Canada (vote@simplyvoting.com) with a link to the Simply Voting platform. We recommend you add the email vote@simplyvoting.com to your contacts to ensure it is not flagged as spam. If you have not received this by noon on Friday October 23, please email swimnb@nb.aibn.com. This link will not be “live” until the start of the AGM.

For those who will be present at the financial report presentation, we would appreciate if you could send us your questions/comments before October 23 so that we can prepare and send you a Q&A document before the AGM.

Thank you,