2022 AGM Weekend Wrap-up

BATHURST – The Swimming NB Annual General Meeting and Banquet Awards took place October 15-16, 2022 in Bathurst | NB.

The AGM weekend started off with a physiotherapist session for our swimmers provided by the Physio 360 Plus Clinic on Saturday morning followed by a session with motivational speaker Bruce Guitard, complemented by a dual meet in the afternoon session. The Technical Commmittee kicked off the AGM weekend as our early birds with their meeting starting at 8am. The NB Officials Committee met early in the morning, whereas the meeting with all officials present took place in the afternoon. The Presidents’ Council and the Head Coeaches each had sessions split into two, before and after lunch. Many thanks to Manon Ouellette-Landry from Coach NB, Dr Monique Allain and Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson for animating these sessions. The Board of Directors members alternated between the different sessions. The AGM Awards Ceremony took off at 6pm and concluded with some carnival themed entertainment.

On Sunday morning financial presentations were made to those present followed by the Annual General Meeting at 10 am.

Two motions were brought forward at the 2022 AGM and all two were successfully carried. The outcome of this is the Board of Directors comprising seven (7) members and, thus, the election of five new members (one thereof with a one-year term).

France COMEAU, Gordonna HACHE, Jodie LOWE, Tanya RIORDON (one-year term) and Annie ROBICHAUD were elected to the vacant positions on the Board. After the conclusion of the AGM, the new Swimming NB Board of Directors met and elected Annie ROBICHAUD as the new Swimming NB president, France COMEAU as the Vice President, Gordonna HACHE as a secretary, Jodie LOWE as a treasurer, Stephen WYATT, Tanya RIORDON and Paula STEWART as directors.