2022 SNB AGM weekend

Dear Club Presidents and Committee Members of Swimming NB,

We would like to remind you that the 2022 Swimming NB Weekend and AGM will be held in Bathurst on October 15-16, 2022.

To determine your accommodation needs and the list of delegates who will be attending our AGM, please complete this form:

Swimming NB will reserve and pay for a room for each club and committee member (see form for details). For other members wishing to reserve a hotel room, we have blocked a number of hotel rooms for them at Best Western Plus. Parents who wish to spend one or two nights in Bathurst are invited to contact the hotel directly (506-548-8888) and reserve their rooms before September 30, 2022. Rates are $123.00+ TAX

2022 SNB AGM weekend - Club registration

Swim NB will reserve and pay for one room for each club (1 night if the club location is less than 200 KM and 2 nights if it is more than 200 KM.
Each Club in good standing shall be entitled up to three (3) votes. Please identify all voting delegates from your club who will attend the AGM.
1st Delegate Name
2nd Delegate Name
3rd Delegate Name

We also ask you to fill out the following form to reserve your club’s banquet tickets before October 3, 2022. More information on the Saturday afternoon pool session will follow in the upcoming days.

List of swimmers who will be rewarded during the Banquet

2022 SNB AGM weekend - Banquet

Please enter a number from 0 to 99.
Roast Turkey dinner with gluten free gravy Gluten free strawberry dessert ($35 per person to be confirmed)