Liam Weber – Skill improvement award

Swimmer of the Month/Nageur du Mois

Month /Mois: December

Month Award Theme/ Thème du mois: Skill Improvement

Swimmers Name/ Nageur/Nageuse: Liam Weber

Swimmers Club/ Club: FAST

Liam has shown significant improvement in his strokes over the past few months of training. He has worked on his details in every practice and that hard work paid off this past weekend when he competed in Montreal. Liam was able to improve his fly so much that he brought home the Silver medal in both the 50 and 100. His attention to detail has helped him break through all of his best time barriers and as a testimate to how well rounded a swimmer he is becoming, he also earned a bronze medal and a big best time in the 200 IM.

We still have a lot of work to do, but Liam seems to be up for the challenge. We couldn’t be happier with how hard he has been working, and we hope that he continues to put the same care and attention into his swimming now that he has seen how much success comes from it. Way to go buddy! Keep it up!

Coach Signature/ Signature de l’entraîneur

Melanie Melanson, Katie Smith