March Swimmer of the Month.


FAST Is proud to be nominating our girls 12 & Under Relay team. The team consists of

four highly deserving, dedicated and competitive girls from our FAST family. Maia

Reynolds (12), Maggie Grey (12), Yedem Lee (11) and Chloe Thibodeau (12) competed

during the 2013 East Coast Short Course in Halifax the first weekend of March and saw a

combined of 18 Personal best times . One of the biggest accomplishments the girls saw

during East Coast was their combined effort and determination to shatter the Provincial

records in the 4×100 Free style and 4×100 Medley.

The girls stepped up on Friday night finals and broke the 4×100 Free relay, that hadn’t

been broken since 1998, with a final time of 4:39.25 shaving over 12 seconds off the

previous time. Detriment to go after the 12 year old medley relay record,set back in 1991,

the girls race to a triumphant time of 5:23.83 at the Saturday evening Finals. The girls

didn’t just bring home two Provincial records but they brought home the pride of New

Brunswick and the FAST Team with a bronze medal in each event, proving that New

Brunswick has what it take to be at the Top with the rest of the Provincials.