Atlantic Cup Day 3 Recap

The final day of the Atlantic Cup was another wonderful day of swimming! Being the last meet of the year it was great to have all the teams together and competing. We are so grateful that this was able to happen and we would like to thank everyone that was involved in making this such a success. What a great way to finish the year!

The last day of the meet was split up similarly to Saturday, two preliminary sessions in the morning and a finals session in the afternoon. The preliminary sessions consisted of the 200 butterfly, 100 freestyle, 200 IM, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, and the 400 freestyle. The finals session in the afternoon was made up of the 200 breaststroke, 200 butterfly, 100 freestyle, 200 IM, 50 backstroke, 50 breaststroke, and the 400 freestyle.

Individual High Point Awards are as follows:

Individual High Point Awards: Woman 13&U
RankNameAge TeamPoints
1Sara McNabb12FAST300
2Morgan Tutschka12TIDE194
3Jillian Davis13FAST178
4Melina Richard13CVAC170
5Olivia Larsen13CVAC165
6Lily Porter13FAST165
7Alex Lebel13NES128
8Sophie Landry12CNBO113
Individual High Point Awards: Men 13&U
RankNameAge TeamPoints
1Daniel Duguay13FAST270
2Logan Albert12NES210
3Itzael Gaudet12CNBO180
4Zachary Newman11BLAST153
5Hunter Porelle13CVAC143
6Jean-Francois Tremblay13CNBO140
7Mathias Merlin13CNBO133
8Mohamed Elshahat11FAST111
Individual High Point Awards: Woman 14&O
RankNameAge TeamPoints
1Brooklyn Douthwright18CNBO300
2Abby Andrews16SJL230
3Abby Williams16SJL225
4Summer Esson15CNBO165
5Emilie Schofield18BLAST145
6Myriam Plourde15NES124
7Samantha Norris14FAST110
8Emma Sinclair 15FAST104
Individual High Point Awards: Men 14&O
RankNameAge TeamPoints
1Jaxson Row14SJL230
2Ethan Nestoruk17FAST220
3Jacob Gallant18FAST200
4Yannick Dupuis18CNBO185
5Josh Dancey18SJL148
6Eric Jean18CVAC145
7Nicholas Duguay17FAST124
8Nathan Richard17CNBO99

We would also like to congratulate Sara McNabb from FAST who broke a NB provincial record with an impressive time of 1:09.83 in the 100 butterfly. 

Overall the 2021 Atlantic Cup was a great success. Bringing in 12 teams and hosting 155 swimmers was no easy task. However thanks to all the amazing officials, meet managers, coaches, and swimmers this meet went very well. Being the first meet in Canada to hold age group finals since March 2020 we couldn’t be more proud. Good luck to all the swimmers, coaches, and parents, we can’t wait for the competitions to come in the fall.

Day 3 First Place Finishes

Woman 13&U 200 breaststroke: Morgan Tutschka, TIDE, 3:01.52.

Men 13&U 200 breaststroke: Zachary Newman, BLAST, 3:08.26.

Woman 14&O 200 breaststroke: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 2:47.01.

Men 14&O 200 breaststroke: Jacob Gallant, FAST, 2:21.20.

Woman 13&U 200 butterfly: Anna MacDonald, FAST, 3:14.03.

Men 13&U 200 butterfly: Daniel Duguay, FAST, 2:40.49.

Woman 14&O 200 butterfly: Julia Hussey, TIDE, 2:34.32.

Men 14&O 200 butterfly: Sebastien Emmerson, SSC, 2:22.23.

Men 100 freestyle Multi-Class: Reuben Smith, SSC, 1:16.87.

Woman 13&U 100 freestyle: Sara McNabb, FAST, 1:03.55.

Men 13&U 100 freestyle: Itzael Gaudet, CNBO, 1:03.52.

Woman 14&O 100 freestyle: Abby Williams, SJL, 59.62.

Men 14&O 100 freestyle: Ethan Nestoruk, FAST, 54.81.

Woman 200 IM Multi-Class: Danielle Dorris, CNBO, 3:08.14.

Men 200 IM Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 2:35.92.

Woman 13&U 200 IM: Sara McNabb, FAST, NA

Men 13&U 200 IM: Logan Albert, NES, 2:45.65.

Woman 14&O 200 IM: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 2:20.55.

Men 14&O 200 IM: Jacob Gallant, FAST, 2:10.08.

Woman 13&U 50 backstroke: Olivia Larsen, CVAC, 35.17.

Men 13&U 50 backstroke: Daniel Duguay, FAST, 34.53.

Woman 14&O 50 backstroke: Abby Andrews, SJL, 32.48.

Men 14&O 50 backstroke: Yannick Dupuis, CNBO, 29.56.

Men 50 breaststroke Multi-Class: Reuben Smith, SSC, 40.45.

Woman 13&U 50 breaststroke: Lily Porter, FAST, 38.18.

Men 13&U 50 breaststroke: Mathias Merlin, CNBO, 37.50.

Woman 14&O 50 breaststroke: Summer Esson, CNBO, 35.25.

Men 14&O 50 breaststroke: Jacob Gallant, FAST, 31.09.

Men 400 freestyle Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 4:57.60.

Woman 13&U 400 freestyle: Jillian Davis, FAST, 5:20.19.

Men 13&U 400 freestyle: Daniel Duguay, FAST, 5:02.59.

Woman 14&O 400 freestyle: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 4:29.72.

Men 14&O 400 freestyle: Jaxson Row, SJL, 4:23.38.