Atlantic Cup Day 2 Recap

Day two of the Atlantic cup was a great success! There were many great swims and a lot of good competition. The Atlantic Cup is the first meet to hold age group finals in Canada since March 2020! This was no small feat and we would like to give a big thanks to the Fredericton Aquanauts Swim Team for making this happen.

Today the meet was split up into three sessions, two preliminary sessions in the morning and a finals session in the afternoon. The preliminary sessions consisted of the 400 IM, 100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 200 backstroke, 100 butterfly, and the 4 x100 Medley relay. Then in the afternoon there were finals for the 50 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 400 IM, 100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, 50 butterfly, 200 backstroke, and the 100 butterfly.

Our second day of the meet also gave way to many new Eastern times, Canadian Junior Championship times, and a new Canadian Record! Sara McNabb from  FAST achieved a CJC time in her 50 free finishing with a 28.45. Emilie Schofield from BLAST achieved an Eastern time in her 50 free going a 27.80. Josh Dancy from SJL achieved an Eastern time in his 100 breaststroke touching the wall with a 1:09.14.  Abby Williams from SJL achieved an Eastern time in her 200 freestyle with a time of 2:10.00. Jaxson Row from SJL achieved an Eastern time in his 200 backstroke going a 2:22.74, he also got another CJC time in his 200 freestyle finishing with a 2:01.38. Finally we would like to congratulate Danielle Dorris on breaking a Canadian record in the 50 butterfly, finishing with an impressive time of 34.38!

Two days down, one to go! More updates will follow with the results from day three.

Day 2 First Place Finishes

Men 50 free Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 28.74.

Woman 13&U 50 freestyle: Sara McNabb, FAST, 28.45. 

Men 13&U 50 freestyle: Itzael Gaudet, CNBO, 28.95.

Woman 14&O 50 freestyle: Emilie Schofield, BLAST, 27.80.

Men 14&O 50 freestyle: Yannick Dupuis, CNBO, 24.92.

Men 100 backstroke Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 1:10.41.

Woman 13&U 100 backstroke: Melina Richard, CVAC, 1:15.20.

Men 13&U 100 backstroke: Logan Albert, NES, 1:15.24.

Woman 14&O 100 backstroke: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 1:02.97.

Men 14&O 100 backstroke: Ethan Nestoruk, FAST, 1:03.59.

Woman 13&U 400 IM: Jillian Davis, FAST, 6:00.57.

Men 13&U 400 IM: Jacob Hache, LES-NB, 6:36.06.

Woman 14&O 400 IM: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 5:06.11.

Men 14&O 400 IM: Jacob Gallant, FAST, 4:29.91.

Men 100 breaststroke Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 1:24.84

Woman 13&U 100 breaststroke: Lily Porter, FAST, 1:26.17.

Men 13&U 100 breaststroke: Zachary Newman, BLAST, 1:25.22.

Woman 14&O 100 breaststroke: Myriam Plourde. NES, 1:18.58.

Men 14&O 100 breaststroke: Josh Dancey, SJL, 1:09.14.

Men 200 free Multi-Class: Reuben Smith, SSC, 3:04.46.

Woman 13&U 200 freestyle: Sara McNabb, FAST, 2:19.73.

Men 13&U 200 freestyle: Logan Albert, NES, 2:27.42.

Woman 14&O 200 freestyle: Abby Williams, SJL, 2:10.00.

Men 14&O 200 freestyle: Jaxson Row, SJL, 2:01.38.

Woman 50 butterfly Multi-Class: Danielle Dorris, CNBO, 34.38.

Men 50 butterfly Multi-Class: Reuben Smith, SSC, 42.54.

Woman 13&U 50 butterfly: Morgan Tutschka, TIDE, 33.32.

Men 13&U 50 butterfly: Daniel Duguay, FAST, 30.08.

Woman 14&O 50 butterfly: Abby Williams, SJL, 29.44.

Men 14&O 50 butterfly: Eric Jean, CVAC, 26.75.

Woman 13&U 200 backstroke: Rori Gaines, FAST, 2:49.93.

Men 13&U 200 backstroke: Hunter Porelle, CVAC, 2:50.00.

Woman 14&O 200 backstroke: Abby Andrews, SJL, 2:29.54.

Men 14&O 200 backstroke: Jaxson Row, SJL, 2:22.74.

Men 100 butterfly Multi-Class: Jesse Canney, FAST, 1:07.20.

Woman 13&U 100 butterfly: Sara McNabb, FAST, 1:09.83.

Men 13&U 100 butterfly: Daniel Dugay, FAST, 1:07.84.

Woman 14&O 100 butterfly: Brooklyn Douthwright, CNBO, 1:02.66.

Men 14&O 100 butterfly: Eric Jean, CVAC, 1:00.16.