COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Interim Measure 02 February 2022

We hope your club return to sport has been a success. Please find HERE a revised version of the COVID-19 Winter Plan Level Measures for Sport and Recreation (02.02.22) with further clarifications (highlighted) for sport organizations and facility operators.

200m kick Challenge

Swimming New Brunswick would like to thank the 237 participating swimmers in the 200m Kick Challenge. The winners are as follows:
Girls 10 & Under: Chloe M Ward from CVAC
Boys 10 & Under: Max L Gauvin from BLAST
Girls 11-12: Mackenzie Klinker from FAST
Boys 11-12: Tim Hu from FAST
Girls 13-14: Sammy White from FAST
Boys 13-14: Mathieu Dorion from BLAST
Girls 15 & Over: Emma Sinclair from FAST
Boys 15 & Over: Maxime Kenny from CNS
Winners are asked to send their email addresses to to receive their gift cards. The full challenge results can be found HERE

Masters Challenge February

Swimming Canada presents the February Masters challenge with a timed 400m freestyle. Record your time and submit your results or have your coach submit your team’s results.
More information HERE:

Swimming Natation Canada: Registration, Tracking and Results System Renewal Project (RTR)

Swimming Canada is undertaking a review of its Registration, Tracking and Results (RTR) System. The objective of this project is to gather information on the state of the current RTR for the purpose of planning for its evolution. As a club administrator who uses the RTR, we would value your input in this process through your participation in this survey that can be found at the following link.

This survey is split into different sections and provides you with an opportunity answer questions and provide comments about the RTR as a whole as well as sections specific to each club administrator role: Club Registrar, Club Treasurer, Meet Manager/Sanction Chair/Entries Coordinator, Official’s Administrator and Team Manager. If you hold multiple club administrator roles, you will have the opportunity to complete the sections for each role that you hold.

The survey could take up to 20 minutes to complete depending on the number of club administrator roles that you hold.

Please complete the survey by Tuesday February 22, 2022.

Following the analysis of survey data, Swimming Canada will use this information to guide future decisions about the RTR.

For any assistance in completing the survey please contact

Thank you for your support,

Long-Course training opportunities

SNB has reserved the CGAC pool for long course practices on Saturday, February 26 between 11:30am and 2pm (subject to Covid restrictions). We remind you that you have until tomorrow to book your spot. SNB will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.