COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Interim Measure 9 February 2022

You can find HERE an update of the level 2 measures the updated level measures for sport and recreation starting Saturday, February 12th and which will be in effect until the move to Level 1 which is expected on Friday, February 18th at 11:59p.m.
At this time, our understanding is that the Level 1 measures for sport and recreation will remain the same as the measures we had in place last Fall. That said, caution is advised as we continue to navigate this pandemic over the next few months.

Changes to 2022 CG selection process.

Our Canada Games Plan specifies two qualifying meets – the Long Course planned for March 25-27 and the Trials on May 5-8, both in Saint John. As most swimmers have only just resumed training, the Technical Committee has recommended that swimmer also be able to count times from the Eastern Championships on April 21-24 in Montreal.
Please note that:

  • The team will be selected on May 8 using best times from all three competitions
  • Swimmers must have competed in at least one of the two NB meets.
  • Swimmers are required to swim at the May CG trials meet to be selected for the team unless there was a medical exemption granted.

All clubs are invited to send any comments to the Board before a final decision is made. Please send your comments to Marwen and Paula before February 20.

SNB Development and Performance Document

We are pleased to provide you with the 1st version of the Swimming NB Development and Performance document that provides an overview of the existing programs used by SNB to support swimmer development and performance. It will be a living document that reflects current evidence and provide a roadmap for clubs and coaches across the province to help identify, develop, and support swimmers with the potential to become performance athletes, and for swimmers’ parents and club boards to understand the various steps in developing performance swimmers, and to ensure that all swimmers in all clubs have equal access to activities and support. We would like to thank all our committees who have contributed to this document and invite you to review it and give us your feedback.

Swimming Natation Canada: Registration, Tracking and Results System Renewal Project (RTR) – Reminder
Swimming Canada is undertaking a review of its Registration, Tracking and Results (RTR) System. The objective of this project is to gather information on the state of the current RTR for the
purpose of planning for its evolution. As a club administrator who uses the RTR, we would value your input in this process through your participation in this survey that can be found Here:

This survey is split into different sections and provides you with an opportunity answer question and provide comments about the RTR as well as sections specific to each club administrator role: Club Registrar, Club Treasurer, Meet Manager/Sanction Chair/Entries Coordinator, Official’s Administrator and Team Manager. If you hold multiple club administrator roles, you will have the opportunity to complete the sections for each role that you hold. The survey could take up to 20 minutes to complete depending on the number of club administrator roles that you hold. Please complete the survey by Tuesday February 22, 2022. Following the analysis of survey data, Swimming Canada will use this information to guide future decisions about the RTR. For any assistance in completing the survey please contact

Thank you for your support,

Swimming Canada Masters Swimming Awards 2022

We invite you to submit nominations for the Swimming Canada Masters Swimming Awards for 2022.
The Award categories are:
– Excellence in Coaching
– Long-term Contribution Award
– Masters Swimming Excellence.

Please submit your nominations to swimnb@nb.aibn.com by February 28 with a short paragraph about the person you wish to nominate for the award.