Newsletter #49/2021

Super-successful MLTC!

Congratulations to FAST as organisers of the MLTC and a huge thank you to all clubs. With 14 teams and 258 swimmers, this was the biggest meet that we have held in nearly two years.

Current Covid restrictions

-Competitions and camps are cancelled.
-Club training for 12 years and older is allowed with an operating plan.
-Travel between regions is allowed (with conditions) but is not encouraged
Omicron is highly contagious and the situation could change. We will advise you if we receive an update from GNB. You can also check HERE.

Meets and Training Camps
We are continuing to plan for meets and camps in January and February but will cancel or postpone these if Covid restrictions remain in place. We still need locations for Development camps in North and Central regions for January 22-23 (or later) and please contact Brenna Rothfuss if you are able to host:

15 January Distance, Miramichi (MWC), Fredericton (FAST)
22 January Camp Development, Sackville (South), À confirmer (Cent, Nor)
28-30 January NBOC/CONB, (CVAC) This will be held at Saint John/Ceci aura lieu à Saint John
Referee Clinic during NBOC/CONB,
5 February Premier 3, BLAST, CNBO, FAST
6 February Camp NexGen, Miramichi,
TBA / A conf Camp Canada Games,

In-House Time Trials

If we are unable to hold inter-club meets because of Covid, then we will encourage clubs to organise in-house time trials, in accordance with provincial restrictions. If your club needs help with officiating, including training, please contact Gary Losier ( or another member of the Official’s committee.

Provincial Technical team

Our technical team for this season is now confirmed and we thank the following people for their support for our swimmers, no matter what club they swim with.
Our Coordinating Coaches are each responsible for camps and programs for specific groups of swimmers. They are appointed by the Board and receive a small honorarium and travel allowance.

Mohamed Rachidi – Performance & Canada Games –
Ryan Allen – Performance & Para –
Mark Fellner – NexGen –
Brenna Rothfuss – Development –

The Technical Committee advises the ED and the Board on all of our activities, including the calendar, meet templates, programming, and standards. They are elected by clubs and give their time as volunteers.
Paula Stewart – Board
Ryan Allen – CNBO
Brian Woods TIDE
Brenna Rothfuss, SSC
Elise Hache, BLAST
Mark Fellner, NexGen
Dave Anderson, officials

Has your club suffered a Covid outbreak?

We know that swimmers and parents in some clubs have had Covid, but we are not aware of any outbreaks caused by club activities. We are very hopeful that swimming is safe and that this situation will continue. However, want to advise you of the risks if it is not. We are asking all clubs to advise us confidentially as to whether or not you have had swimmers with Covid and if Public Health identified swimming as a contact activity. This information will be collected by Annie Robichaud, Board member and a health professional. Annie will keep details confidential while providing only an anonymous report to the SNB Board.

Respecting Covid restrictions

The Telegraph-Journal reported that some parents in the pedway during the MLTC were not wearing masks or respecting distancing requirements. FAST President Jeanne Van den Broeck and CGAC General manager and SNB Board member) Stephen Smith were interviewed, saying that measures were in place, but that the pedway is a public place controlled by the City of Saint John, not FAST or CGAC. The City has since advised that they will be closing the pedway during future events. SNB and Meet managers cannot control what parents and swimmers do outside of venues and so we ask all clubs and coaches to remind parents of the importance of behaving responsibly and respecting Public Health guidelines. If your club is hosting a meet and you need help with streaming the meet, please let us know.

SNB Office closed until January 23rd

The SNB office is currently closed while Marwen is with his family in Tunisia (for the first time in three years). He will still be monitoring the email account, but for urgent queries matters please contact the President.

Happy New Year to everyone
Stephen Wyatt, Marwen Ghali and all Board members