Canada Games Trials Day #2

Today the sun was shining in Saint John and so were our swimmers! Congratulations to everyone that raced today, you guys are doing a great job. With two days in the books we are halfway through this amazing swim meet, keep up the great work everyone! 

Here are the first place finishes from today:

Girls 100m back, 12&U Sophie Landry CNBO, 13-14 Sophie Corrigan CBAC, 15&O Elena LeClair, Open Celine Despres CNBO, Special Olympics Elisa Beckwith TIDE, PARA (S6-14) Ella Tucker SSCNB; Boys 100m back, 12&U Luke Ostridge CBAC, 13-14 Logan Albert NES, 15&O Yannick Dupuis CNBO, Open Will Franklin CVAC, PARA (S6-14) Jesse Canney FAST;  Girls 400m Free, 12&U Noemie Sivret FAST, 13-14 Alex Lebel NES, 15&O Inass Rachidi NES, Open Olivia Levesque NES; Boys 400m free, 12&U Oliver Boone CVAC, 13-14 Keegan Macdougall SDSC, 15&O Colson Mersereau CVAC, Open Alexander Hussey TIDE; Girls 200m back, 12&U Abiguelle Duguay CNS, 13-14 Leanne Yorke SDSC, 15&O Vanessa Noel CNS, Open Myriam Plourde NES; Boys 200m back, 12&U Zackary Newman BLAST, 13-14 Tom Ban CBAC, 15&O John Roberts CBAC, Open David Zhang NES; Girls 50m fly, 12&U Ivy Ban CBAC, 13-14 Sophie Corrigan CBAC, 15&O Marie-Christin Tremblay, Open Myriam Plourde NES, PARA (S1-7) Ella Tucker SSCNB; Boys 50m fly, 12&U Sky Song CBAC, 13-14 Itzaeël Gaudet CNBO, 15&O Yannick Dupuis CNBO, Open Noah Beausoleil CNBO; Boys 100m fly, PARA (S8-14) Jesse Canney FAST; Girls 13-14 400m free relay, FAST.

If you want to view the full list of results you can find them at the link below ->



Keep up the great work everyone! We’ll be back tomorrow with more results :)