Central region Development camp

Premier Camp #1 (Center Region)

October 26th, 2013


We just had our first premier swim camp of the season this past weekend in Woodstock. There were 18 swimmers from Saint John (TIDE), Fredericton (FAST) and Woodstock (WVST) who participated and four coaches; Christine Randell (TIDE), Melanie Melanson (FAST), Holly Wright (FAST) and Eileen Saunders (WVST).

The swimmers had a two hour pool session where we worked on a variety of skills including:

–          Keeping tight streamlines off the walls and during our dives while maintaining the proper depth for optimal speed.

–          Getting in and out of the wall efficiently on our freestyle and backstroke flip turns. Swimmers also got to see themselves in a video doing the turns and received feedback on how to improve.

–          Proper sculling techniques in a variety of positions to help us with catching the water more effectively while pulling

–          Flutter and dolphin kick techniques that help us use our core strength for extra power.

After the pool session, we had an hour long classroom session where we talked about proper nutrition and hydration. Swimmers were broken into two groups to test their knowledge of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Let’s just say that their competitive sides came out and the participation from the kids in the classroom session was wonderful.

It was a great group of swimmers who were all very keen on learning. I am looking forward to the next one, thank you to the all the assistant coaches who volunteered and a special thanks to Tony Crann for helping with registration and camp logistics.

Melanie Melanson (Lead coach)