Club, Swimmer, Coach, Official  registration

Club Membership and New Club Affiliation Policy  ( March 2016)

Swimming Canada National Registration Procedures and rules:

SNC Association policy – included in registration procedures and rules above

Swimming NB registration fee overview: Registration fees 2019-2020

Forms for club registrars

Please send the following to Swimming New Brunswick in order to access the 2017-2018 registration system (opens September 1st, 2017)

  1.  Signed Club Registrar Declaration form
  2. Signed Additional User Declaration forms for your Club Treasurer and Officials Coordinator
  3. Copies of all coaches’ Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) – *VSCs are valid for a period of two years but copies must be submitted annually*
  4. A cheque for the club registration fee ($100.00)
  5. *The required signed PIPEDA form for each registrant and official should not be sent to Swimming NB but should be kept on file by the club.*

Please ensure the coaches you are registering meet the minimum coach certification requirements established by SNC. These requirements are outlined on the chart found on Page 26 of the Swimming Canada National Policy, Procedures and Rules Manual (2017) (see link on top of this page). It is recommended that your club request a certification transcript from each coach. Coaches have access to their transcript from their CAC account and are able to provide this to you. For all considerations when registering coaches, please see Page 27 of the National Policy, Procedures and Rules Manual (2017).


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