Coach funding 2016-2017

Coach Funding 2016-2017

Total funding $6000.00

Development opportunities 2016-2017 $2500.00

Atlantic swim coaches conference/ National swim Coaches conference$500.00 per coach to a max 1500.00 then pro-rated.

301 Evaluation reimbursement $500.00 per coach to a maximum of $1000.00 then prorated.

**Application for funding for the opportunities listed above and other development opportunities should be submitted for consideration by May 1 2017. Application must include a short debrief from the coach making the application for the benefit of the Swimming NB coaches. All funding will be given to successful applicants following the May 1 2017 deadline for applications.

Camp participation 2016-2017 $3500.00

Mileage can be claimed by one coach per club. Coach must attend all camp session to be eligible for mileage and honorarium.

Development camps

Regional Development camp participation – Mileage/ + $25.00 honorarium

Regional Development camp Lead/Host – Mileage + $50.00 honorarium

Provincial camps

Provincial Para camp participation – Mileage + $50.00 honorarium

Provincial Para camp Lead/Host – $75.00 honorarium

Provincial Skills camp participation – Mileage + $50.00 honorarium

Provincial Skills camp Lead/Host – $75.00 honorarium

Provincial Boot camp participation – Mileage + $50.00 honorarium

Provincial Boot Group camp Lead- $75.00 honorarium