Dear all,

We have received a number of inquiries about the notes which have been distributed by the Ministry of Education and we would like to inform you that Swimming New Brunswick is adopting the position of the NB Ministry of Education.

We ask that all swimmers, coaches and volunteers who have returned from international travel after March 8th do not participate in any club training or SNB competitions for 14 days after their return.  We also ask that any swimmers, coaches or family members who test positive for Coronavirus advise their club, and that the club then advise the SNB Executive Director.

We will continue to follow this situation and will revise these measures if there is a greater risk to our swimmers.

Swimming New Brunswick does not currently consider that it is necessary to cancel competitions, camps or regular training. However, if a club decides to cancel a competition or camp because of Coronavirus, SNB asks that host club reimburse any registration fees paid by participating clubs and swimmers.  Host clubs that face a financial loss due to the cancellation of a competition or camp should advise SNB and we will consider what assistance can be provided.

Best regards,