East Coast Short Course Call for Officials and Timers

The East Coast Short Course is scheduled for February 27 – March 02.  We will require officials and timers from every provincial club in order to make this meet successful.  Please find below a Table for timer lane assignments.  Officials and Timers, please sign up online at this link:

Timers and Official REGISTRATION

Thank you very much !

Lane 1 MWC
Lane 1 WVST
Lane 2 TIDE
Lane 2 CNS
Lane 3 CVAC
Lane 3 CVAC
Lane 4 FAST
Lane 4 FAST
Lane 5 CNBO
Lane5 CNBO
Lane 6 BLAST
Lane 6 BLAST
Lane 7 GOT
Lane 7 SSC
Lane 8 NES
Lane 8 LES