High Performance camp 2015 wraps up



15 High Performance athletes attended the first High Performance camp this weekend in Saint John.  The 3 day camp was led by Tom Rushton from Swimming Canada’s  intensive training centre in Montreal. Assisting Tom Rushton were our HP coaches Marta Belsh FAST, Dale Doucette CVAC, Diane Guinard BLAST, Brian Woods TIDE.   The camp included 6 pool sessions, classroom sessions included a mental training session, strength and conditioning, and yoga sessions.  Marianne Limpert also visited the camp and spoke to the HP athletes.  Athletes and coaches also attended a VIP dinner with David Frise, President of Swimming NB.  Congratulation to all the attending swimmers for their hard work this weekend.

A very big thank you to the attending coaches who volunteered their time over one of the busiest weekends of the year to help develop our athletes.  Swimming New Brunswick would also like to recognize the camp chaperones David Anderson CNBO and Paul Crowell CVAC.  The chaperones worked all weekend to ensure the athletes were looked after off deck.  Thank all,  coaches and Chaperones!!