!! Important Coaching Certification Requirements !!

Please see below a message that all registered coaches received today. It is an important responsibility of the club boards to ensure that all the coaches on deck with their swimmers are in compliance with the Swimming Canada registration policy with regard to coaches certification. Next week I will email each club a list of any non-compliant coaches so that club boards can help ensure the coach moves toward  compliance. It will also be important that coaches have the required certification if they plan to attend the SNC designate meets listed below. Swimming Canada will be enforcing their policy at their designate meets.

“Coaches, Please be reminded of the following information from the Swimming Canada National Registration Policy & Membership Procedures Manual as approved July 20, 2012: Effective September 1, 2012: Coaches attending the Speedo Eastern/Western Championships, Canada Cup Competitions and the Canadian Age Group Championships must be, at minimum, NCCP Age Group Coach (Comp-Int) “trained” or NCCP Level 2 “certified” in order to access the deck. As well as, Coaches in their 1st year of registration with SNC must be NCCP Swimming Teacher “In-training” or Fundamentals Coach “In-training” and a minimum of 16 years of age upon completion of their “in-training status” in order to be on deck.

First year coaches have four (4) weeks from their application for registration with SNC to complete the “In-training” status. All returning Coaches must be Swimming Teacher “certified” or Fundamentals Coach “trained” and a minimum of 16 years of age in order to be on deck. For more information on the Swimming Canada Coaching Development System please go to: