Justine Robichaud – December swimmer of the Month

LES Dec photophoto_justine_robichaud_les_espadons_tracadie (640x424)

Month : December 2014

Month Award Theme : Skill Improvement Award

Swimmers Name : Justine Robichaud

Swimmers Club :   LES  Espadons de Tracadie

The Swimmers Club LES Espadons is proud to nominate Justine Robichaud for the Swimmer of the Month of December 2014.

At the beginning of this season, we decided to emphasize a return to the fundamentals of swimming strokes and turn techniques. This “back to basics” approach had a significant impact on our swimmers. Meanwhile, Justine Robichaud, who is only ten years old, has distinguished herself by her significant improvements in many swimming styles. During the month of November alone, she obtained many A standards and beat eight team records for girls under ten years old. By doing so, she has established new standards of excellence for our future swimmers.

Congratulations Justine for improving your skills, and keep up your love of swimming.

Eric Kenny

Head Coach