Refund policy for camp and course  important information on refund of registration fees.

training-camp-streams-2016-2017-oct-10-2016(revised Oct 10 2016) please see this document for selection criteria

Sussex Para camp November 11-13 2016


Development camps 2016-2017  LEARN TO TRAIN

Fall regional development camp

North devo camp eligibility list;north-region-female-2004  ,north-region-female-2005north-region-female-2006 , north-region-male-2003 ,  north-region-male-2004 , north-region-male-2005

North devo camp CNS information and registration form:cns-camp-regional-de-developpement-29-octobre-2016

Central devo camp eligibility list:central-region-female-2004 , central-region-female-2005 ,  central-region-female-2006central-region-male-2003central-region-male-2004central-region-male-2005

Central devo camp FAST information and registration forms:fast-2016-devo-camp-info-and-registration-form

Winter regional development camp February 11 2017 North: NES, Central: FAST, South: CNBO  Information, registration forms and selection list will be posted here.

Provincial camps 2016-2017  TRAIN TO TRAIN

Provincial skills camp 2016  October 15 2016  Hosted by NES  Camp registration forms and selection list are posted with the AGM weekend information under the About us tab

Provincial Boot and CG#3 camp 2017  January 6-8 2017

Hosted by SwimNB at the CGAC in Saint John.


Selection lists:  Swimmers named on the following lists may make application to the Boot & CG#3 camp.





Registration form.  Registration deadline December 16 at 4:00pm


word file: registration-form-2017-hp-camp-provincial-boot-and-cg3-camp-registration-form