The NBOC shall be committed to officials’ excellence in New Brunswick and in this regard shall be responsible to ensure that adequate clinics and opportunities for evaluation are made available for all levels of officials.
– The committee shall ensure that clinic conductors are available for clubs when necessary. It will be the clubs’ responsibility to set up the clinic location and notify the NBOC of their needs.
– It will be the clubs’ responsibility to invite the required officials to their development meets and to cover any expenses so incurred. It will be the responsibility of the NBOC to ensure the meet needs in regards Senior and Master Officials for Championship Meets.
– The Committee will recommend officials for advancement to Level IV and V upon application from said candidate. Evaluations for such advancement will be determined in conjunction with the candidate(s) and the Chair of the NBOC.
– The committee will be responsible for the establishment of Safety Rules and Procedures for SNB sanctioned competitions, keeping in mind the minimum requirements of SNC. These rules will be ratified by the SNB Board.
– The committee will set down their budget requirements in the Section profile upon notification by the Section Office. The Chair will be responsible for submitting the request.
– The committee will determine the use of budgeted dollars within the profile in September/October each year (away meets for experience, seminars, in province clinics, etc.)
– The committee will assist the registrar with the up-dating of the SNB Officials’ List twice yearly. This assistance will be rendered by the Clubs’ Officials’ Co-ordinators.
– The NBOC shall consist of all Senior and Master Officials and Level III Officials who have successfully completed the Referee’s Clinic, plus one representative from each registered SNB club. These club representatives (Officials’ Co-ordinators) need not have any specific level of officiating expertise, but should be willing to promote the advancement of officials in the club they represent.
– Although meetings are open and all officials are encouraged to attend, voting is limited to Senior (Level IV) and Master (Level V) Officials, Level III Officials who have successfully completed the Referee’s Clinic, and the club representatives. On application for advancement to Level V, only Master Officials may vote.