Newsletter #1-2022/23

Registration for the 2022-23 season

We wish all our members a safe return and a wonderful 2022-2023 season.
A few points to consider:

  •  There are a few errors on the RTR, especially for the 12 and under category and for the coach updates. SC is aware of these errors and is in the process of fixing them.
  •  We invite all clubs that have held their AGMs to update the list of their managers and directors on the following document: xfCeL-d2iu_y0XEg9rf5dSgNMZyibAbG
  •  Coaching Registrations: We recommend that you no longer send us coaches’ criminal record check reports and only request that you confirm by email that the club has these documents.
  •  Officials coordinators in each club are encouraged to register new officials (and old ones as well) and to keep their registration up to date.
  •  Good news: Registration fees are being maintained this season for Swimming NB and Swimming Canada, these fees are being maintained the same as of August 2019 for both SNB and SC! The club registration fee is also the same ($100).
  •  All resources and registration forms can be found at this link: Js1vxwUP0e8X8hU7An0gw3g9WMRn_qR 2022-23

Meet Calendar

Please find below the first version of our meet calendar for this season. We would like to thank all the clubs who sent their applications to host meets for their collaboration. A big thank you also to the clubs who assisted us to resolve some minor conflicts for the understanding. Please note that we still have some meets available. We encourage clubs interested in hosting these meets to contact us before the end of this month.

Presidents’ Council:

The next Presidents’ Council meeting is planned for September 26 at 7:30 p.m.
Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any specific items to discuss and add to the agenda.

Notice to all presidents : The Position of Secretary of the Council is vacant, please contact us to fill this role. Thank you!

New CVAC Head Coach

On behalf of the NB swimming community, we wish to welcome the new head coach of CVAC : John Mcleod. John was most recently the Head Coach of the Thunder Bay Thunderbolts, and has also spent time with North Bay Titans, Neptune Natation, and Club Natation Bois Francs. He is a Level 3 Coach and has experience working with all levels and abilities. He spends his spare time volunteering within the swimming community was the President of Masters Swimming Canada, was named to SwimCanada 2022 Select Coaches Group and he is bilingual. Welcome to N.B. John and thank you Melanie Melanson for what you have done for CVAC, and for swimming around New Brunswick.

Thank you,

Swim NB Team