Newsletter #10/2020

Swimming Canada: Coaches Development

Four coaches will participate in Swimming Canada’s apprentice coaching opportunities in 2020, an ongoing effort in partnership with the Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (CSCTA).

Apprentice coaching opportunities will be available in both the Olympic and Paralympic programs, with opportunities on seniors, development, and open water teams.

All application deadlines are 15th April 2020. Please check the link below for further details:

NBOC: March 2020 Officials Bulletin

@all NB officials: Please check out the following link for the March 2020 Officials Bulletin and the latest news regarding swimming/Para swimming regulations and upcoming opportunities for officiating at national events:

TC Calendar Sub-Committee: Draft Calendar Season 2020-2021

We are glad to share the draft of the 2020-2021 calendar resulting from the LC Invitational in February. We thank all clubs that contributed to this draft by providing their comments on last season’s calendar.

Moreover, notes prepared by Brian Wood with further explanations as to the different competitions are available.

As indicated in the calendar policy, we kindly ask you to let us have your comments on this draft by 18th March 2020.

Technical Committee: Devo Sub-Committee – REMINDER

Only few days left to register for the Devo Camp in Miramichi on 15 March 2020, which will be hosted by Miramichi Whitecaps Swim Club (MWC). Please register on or before the deadline of 11th March 2020 by submitting your completed registration form to

Kindly note that SNB will distribute #DevoCamp swim caps to registered swimmers only.

Technical Committee: NB Spring Championships

We would like to remind you that the meet package for the NB Spring Championships from 20th to 22nd March 2020, which will be organized by Saint John Fundy Aquatic Club (TIDE), is available via the link below – the corresponding deadline for registration will expire on 15th March 2020:

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali