Newsletter #13/2020

Swimming Canada (SC) – Remaining National Events of the current Season

SC has announced the cancellation of all summer 2020 events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This includes the Canadian Masters Swimming Championships (22nd-24th May 2020, Etobicoke/ON), the Canadian Junior Championships (22nd-27th July 2020, Montreal/QC), and the Canadian Swimming Championships (6th-9th August 2020, Edmonton/AB).

Resuming local, regional and provincial swimming activities as of 1st May 2020 is subject to authorization from the competent provincial authorities to reopen recreational facilities.

Insurance Coverage

As training and meets are suspended, you will find below a list of activities that are out of the pool and covered by insurance:

Activities automatically covered under the policies

  • Normal gym activities (exercises, calisthenics, surgical tubing, weights, medicine balls, cardio, etc.).
  • Road or track cycling
  • Running, power walking on city streets
  • Running up and down bleachers
  • Gymnastics, such as balance beam, rungs, parallel bars, etc. Note that trampoline activities are NOT covered.

Activities NOT covered

  • Diving from a board or platform
  • Cross training such as basketball, soccer, water polo, synchronized swimming

Activities covered under the policy with restrictions

  • Indoor wall climbing where facility has the insurance coverage
  • Canoeing (still waters), kayaking (still waters), hiking (non-demanding) – waivers must be signed, and these activities must be led by a certificated instructor.
  • Camping if waivers are signed

View additional insurance document

Coaches’ salaries

With training and meets stopped, clubs might need to change the working hours of their coaches.
While each club has its own arrangements, please remember that your coaches may be eligible for unemployment insurance and for new federal payments aimed at preventing financial hardship during this crisis. Please make sure to register for the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan (SUBP) through Service Canada before reducing the hours of your coaches.

Moreover, the Sport Law and Strategy Group has created the document retrievable via the link below to help you manage your organizations in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to be able to give you more information next week.

Managing your sport organization in the COVID-19 environment:

Resources compiled by GNB

GNB has compiled a list of resources, which might be useful to you in times of COVID-19. You will find the document containing links to resources in both official languages via the link below.

SNB Coaches

The CSCTA has today launched an online video library. This is available as part of CSCTA Members only area at and requires you to login with your username and password. Coaches have access to more than 100 conferences free of charge until 31st August 2020.

Furthermore, CoachNB will be offering the following courses online through Adobe Connect. We recommend interested coaches to register for these sessions as soon as possible as places are limited and advertised nationally so it is expected that they will fill up quickly.

Duel Meet NB vs PEI – Update

Due to the current situation, we report that the Duel Meet NB vs. PEI has been further postponed. Swimming NB and Swimming PEI are considering the possibility of holding this competition on 13th June 2020 or planning a similar initiative for the fall time frame or whenever it is safe again to do so. Further details as to the date of this event will be communicated once we know more.

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali