Newsletter #15/2020

Swimming Canada: Club Virtual Training Update

Swimming NB registered coaches can conduct live virtual training with Swimming NB registered swimmers subject to the conditions as set out in the endorsement received from the insurer (version 2 link).
Prior to starting an online virtual training class, please provide to Swim NB the following:

  • The dates of intended training sessions for every month.
  • The name of the registered coach conducting the training.
  • The content of the intended training is an approved activity (as defined in Newsletter #13)
  • The proposed number of swimmers in the training session. A coach should not allow more swimmers to participate than can be properly supervised remotely
  • confirmation that the participant, or a parent if the participant is a minor, has executed an acknowledgement of risk form or waiver of liability form, If a swimmer or their parent has previously executed an acknowledgement of risk form or waiver of liability form then this is sufficient.
  • Confirmation that only the registered swimmers and their parents have access to the online activity (that the resource is not available to the general public). Creating a password protected link is a simple way to ensure this restriction.
  • Confirmation that you have advised swimmers that the training is to be done in a safe environment and that swimmers should be reminded to only use equipment in the manner for which it is designed.

Please refer to the document related to Dryland Best Practices that we published in SNB Newsletter #14

Swimming Canada: Covid-19 Resource Hub

SC has launched a web page that will serve temporarily as a compilation of resources which have been made available to swimmers and coaches to help you navigate the current evolving COVID-19 circumstances.

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)

Is your club’s income affected/reduce by the current situation? The funds received through the CEBA can be used to cover immediate operating expenses costs. The newly developed program will provide loans to small businesses and not-for-profits for up to $40,000 with 0% interest. Only $30,000 will be repayable and $10,000 can be forgiven. The program will start in mid-April, and clubs who paid more than $50,000 in payroll for 2019. and believe they qualify or are in dire need of funds to make up for lost income are urged to contact their bank for additional information on applying.

Social Networks: Policy and Code of Conduct

In order to manage the use of social network accounts and the creation of content by our employees, administrators and volunteers. The Communication Committee is preparing a policy and code of conduct for the use of social networks. We kindly ask you to let us have your comments on this draft by 17th April 2020.

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali