Newsletter #17-2022

Surveys for Safe Sport Youth Project

Swimming Canada is working to create an educational platform for youth athletes (ages 11-17) regarding safe sport. This platform will be used to increase awareness and educate youth athletes on different aspects of Safe Sport such as maltreatment prevention, mental health support, and nutrition. This content will be provided free- of-charge to users and presented via separate modules based on the subject. The vision for this project is to create a shared platform with universal content that benefits members of all sports. It’s completely voluntary, but if you could find some time to fill this out by June30 that would be super helpful. Do not hesitate to share the google drive link with your club members if you wish that.

Officials online Store

We have received requests from some officials who would like to purchase shirts.
We are happy to announce that our supplier has set up an online store so that your officials coordinators at the club level can order your officials shirts!

Here is a link to the online store, the shop will be online for 10 days and the order will be ready on July 30.

Reminder to Coaches: Funding

If you have been trained or certified in an NCCP level in 2021-2022 or if you have had experience at the national level, we invite you to submit a funding application to Swimming NB. More information on eligibility is available here: content/uploads/2020/11/SNB_CoachesDevelopm ent_VF.pdf

Please fill out this document to apply for coach funding: content/uploads/2020/11/SNBCoachesDevelopme nt_FundingApplication-v2.pdf

Also, information regarding the different types of funding for swimmers is available here:
Please check the eligibility of your swimmers before submitting the online funding applications here:

Thank you,

SwimNB Team