Newsletter #19/2020

COVID-19 Provincial recovery framework

As part of the provincial recovery, SNB is in the process of preparing a COVID-19 operational plan, which will include our guidelines for returning to the pools.

Therefore, SNB is in the process of monitoring the recommendations of the Sport and Recreation Branch, Public Health, Public safety or WorkSafeNB as well as Swimming Canada to prepare a plan that meets the established guidelines for an eventual return to training.

SNB will continue to provide regular updates in line with our goal of a safe return to swimming.

SNB Online Training

SNB is planning to run a weekly virtual workout. The first session is scheduled for Saturday 16th May 2020 from 2 to 3pm.

We are inviting all swimmers in New Brunswick to register by sending an e-mail to stating their age and club by 14th May 2020.

All coaches who wish to lead a session can contact us at indicating their availability (day & time).

All swimmers must be registered with SNB for this season and are required to wear their respective club’s swimming cap during the workout!

Webinar: How to create shovel ready aquatic projects post COVID-19

Swimming Canada will be hosting a webinar regarding the creation of shovel-ready aquatic projects post COVID-19 on 12th May 2020 at 1p.m. ATS.

Please pass this information onto your pool manager and confirm participation by email to the following address:
Zoom info to follow upon RSVP.

Meet Finances Policy

Given that the fees for participation in SNB sanctioned competitions have not been adjusted over the last few years and that we have received requests for a review thereof from many of our members as of January this year, SNB has set up a committee with representatives from clubs and the Board of Directors to discuss and review the fees and establish a corresponding policy. Please refer to the link below for a draft of the Competition Finance Policy. We would appreciate if you could review it and provide your comments thereon by 18th May 2020. Please also be advised that SNB plans to review these fees more frequently in the years to come.

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali