Newsletter #21/2020

Back to training

Although we are all eagerly waiting for re-entering the pools, the health and safety of swimmers, coaches, volunteers and parents is our primary concern during this global pandemic.

Government NB requires that all organizations (including SNB and individual clubs) prepare an operational plan before their return to activities.
Kindly refer to the letter retrievable via the link below for more information about these plans.

For this purpose, we have already created a small task force coordinating with Swimming Canada, some pool managers and other aquatic sports to compile a plan that our clubs could simply adopt or discuss with their pool managers.

In the meantime, we encourage you to remain vigilant and to continue online training, but we cannot rush to resume group activities, even outside. Any COVID-19 cases related to a pool or a swim club would be catastrophic for us all.

SNB – GNB Information Session (Sports and Recreation Branch)

Swimming NB was invited by the Sport and Recreation Branch to an information session with the participation of Public Health, WorkSafe NB and all provincial sport organizations. Please refer to the link below for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document including follow-up questions from the conference. The FAQ document will be evolving in dribs and drabs as we progress through the various phases of the recovery plan and/or as changes are made to current restrictions. If you have any questions, please send them to us so that we can forward them to our Provincial Consultant at the Sports and Recreation Branch.

SC : New Safe Sport Initiatives

As of the 2020-2021 season, all registered coaches will be required to complete safe sport training. There are two modules available to the swimming community that will satisfy this requirement:

  • The Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders module: The course costs $30 and coaches receive 3 NCCP PD points upon completion. Re-certification of this course will be required once every 5 years. (
  • The Coaches Association of Canada’s (CAC) Safe Sport Training module: This module is free of charge and coaches receive 2 NCCP PD points upon completion. Re-certification of this course will be required once every 5 years (

Registered coaches are required to complete one of these two modules in order to complete their registration for the 2020-21 swimming season.

Clubs – Virtual AGM

In view of the general guidelines relating to COVID-19 in relation to admissible gatherings and respect

for physical distancing, several clubs might consider holding a virtual AGM. We would like to inform you that our teleconference platform remains at your disposal, an unlimited number of participants will be able to join the meeting using a computer or a telephone (toll-free number). We kindly ask you to contact us for the reservation prior to confirming the date with your members.

SNB Outreach Committee – Recruitment Announcement

SNB wishes to recruit volunteers for the Outreach Committee to contribute to the planning and publication on our social networks. If you are into social media, web platforms, tools available on the internet and in particular passionate about swimming, we kindly invite you to send your CV to

Coach Certification requirement for National Events

As of the 2020/21 season, the following Coaching Certification Levels will be required for participation in Swimming Canada National Events.

Coach Registration type

Minimum NCCP Certification Prerequisite for Swimming Canada National Competitions



(Head Coach)

Senior Coach (Level 3) Trained


Age Group Coach (Level 2) Certified


(Assistant Coach)

Canadian Swimming Trials or Championships

Senior Coach (Level 3) Trained


Age Group Coach (Level 2) Certified


East/West or Junior Championships

Age Group Coach (Level 2) Trained

A wonderful initiative by Krisana

Krisana MacLeod is an 11-year-old swimmer from TIDE. Last year, she raised $3,000 for the St. George’s Animal Shelter by swimming 3 km across Lake Utopia. This year, around August, Krisana hopes to do a 6 km round trip and will be joined by a former FAST swimmer: Gina Palmer. She also invites all swimmers from other clubs wishing to have fun, challenge themselves and raise funds for the charity of their choice to joinher. If interested, feel free to reach out to us for the contact details of Marc, the young swimmer’s father.

Well done, Krisana! #swimNBproud

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali