Newsletter #44/2020

SNB Board of Directors

Following its first virtual Annual General Meeting on Sunday October 25, SNB is pleased to announce the appointment of four board of directors to join existing members Stephen Wyatt and Paula Stewart The new Board of Directors for the 2020-2021 season will be composed of:

  • Stephen Wyatt
  • Paula Stewart
  • Kim Stevens
  • Annie Robichaud
  • Stephen Smith
  • Jodie Lowe

At this point, we thank Danny Duquette, Dionne Watson and Mike Pope for all their efforts for and dedication to SNB.

The first Board meeting will be held next week for the purpose of determining the responsibilities of each member.

SNB’s Bookkeeper Services

Swimming NB provides the services of our
bookkeeper to all clubs registered for the 2020-2021
season. If you require assistance with provincial and
federal funding opportunities related to COVID,
please contact us to connect you with our

In-House Meets: Technical packages

We thank all clubs and meet managers for their efforts in preparing meet packages that comply with public health recommendations. The Technical Committee recommends that all clubs (except for Zone 1 clubs) to provide us with the package 15 days prior to the competition date. Also, and in the spirit of sharing experiences, we invite all meet managers to upload your competition report in the following Google Drive folder.

2021 Swim-a-Thon

We are happy to announce that Swim-a-Thon 2020-2021 is ready for registration and usage so clubs can begin their fundraising programs when ready.

If you would like to have more information, we encourage you to watch the following webinar:

This is the link to the registration for the Swim-a-Thon 2021

Masters Swimmer Profile : Vona MacMillan

Swimming Canada has presented the Campbelton Aquatika Club Masters Swimmer profile: Vona MacMillan

« It’s my form of exercise, my stress relief, my clear my mind activity, my social outing. I get stress relief and exercise from swimming. I continue swimming because I crave it. »
An inspiring message from Vona.

We invite you to read the article on the link below:

Best regards,
Marwen Ghali