Newsletter – CW #40

AGM – Good Governance Session

Just a friendly reminder to take a few minutes to complete this survey before 11th October 2019. We need more specific information about your club so that the Good Governance session will be more beneficial to you. Thanks!

Here is the link for the survey in English:

AGM – Registration

Another reminder to please indicate your participation in our AGM – this will help us to better organize the different sessions. Thanks!

Please ask your swimmers to use the polls via the link below to indicate their participation in the pool sessions before 11th October 2019:

For parents and officials, please share the following link to indicate the activities they would like to attend:

Education – Coach Course

A Swimming 101 Course for coaches will be held in Saint John from 11th to 13th October 2019. We thank TIDE club for the organization and Melanie Melanson for conducting this training. For those interested, please register by following the link below.

Registration deadline is 9th October 2019.

SNB Time Standards

We would like to announce that the new SNB time standards for the 2019-2020 season and the report outlining the process used to the proposed standards and for setting standards in the future have been published on our website via the following link:

A big THANK YOU to the Technical Committee and, in particular, to its members Brian Woods and Mohamed Rachidi for their contribution.

Development Camp

We are glad to inform you that the first development camp of the season will be held in Edmundston on 5th October 2019, organized by the club NES, which we thank therefor. The camp is aimed for the first three swimmers of the region North according to the FINA rankings. The age of the participants will be U11 for girls and U12 for boys.

Best regards,

Marwen Ghali