Provincial COVID-19 Restrictions Lifted March 14th

Starting March 14, 2022, swimming is back…to normal! The provincial government will remove all remaining COVID-19 mandatory measures. The Mandatory Order will be lifted, and COVID-19 operational plans will no longer be required. However, it does not represent “the end of the pandemic.” We are very pleased to see our sport community return to “normal” but as transmission of the virus remains high in the province, we encourage clubs to continue to take a responsible and cautious approach.

NB camps – March 2022

The deadline of registrations to the NextGen camp scheduled for March 20th has been extended until March 14th

For registrations and instructions check here

A list of invited swimmers can be found here:

Please note that Central Region devo camp will be hosted in St. Stephen by SSAC. Stay tuned for more details.

Updated Meet Entry Page

For all SNB coaches, starting on Wednesday, March 9th the meet entry page looks a little different compared to the old page, the fields and functionality have remained unchanged. You will notice a significantly faster upload speed compared to before and coaches will have on screen notification that entries have been uploaded to the server so that the same file is not uploaded multiple times. This will not affect any meets where entries have already been submitted or the back-end management for entry coordinators.

Once the province is selected, the list of corresponding clubs will appear. Coach selection will appear once the club has been selected. If the meet is a closed invitational, only permitted clubs will be showing from the list of clubs to select.

Long-Course training opportunities: 3rd session

Swim NB is pleased to have many clubs sign up for the LC practice session to be held at the CGAC on Saturday, March 19th.
Here is the link to register for the 3rd session planned for April 16, 2022. Deadline to sign up: March 26, 2022.

Canadian Paralympic Committee opens applications for 2022-23 Paralympic Sport Development Fund.

The Paralympic Sport Development Fund provides grants for local sport organizations, clubs, and programs that help Para athletes along their development pathway. New for 2022-23 is a call for programs with a focus on women and girls in Para sport, promoting and supporting their development as athletes and coaches. Funds would support initiatives designed to recruit, engage, support, and retain women and girls with a disability participating in sport.

Please visit for more information, including the application form and eligibility requirements. The deadline to submit applications is April 7, 2022.

New COVID-19 relief funding

We remind you that the Sport and Recreation Branch has established a grant program to help defray financial loss due to the recent COVID-19 restrictions placed on sport organizations. The COVID-19 Relief Fund will support organizations incurring losses from the cancellation of programs or events during the modified Level 2 and Level 3 public health restrictions between December 13, 2021, and February 18, 2022. Impacted clubs are invited to apply by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2022, for one-time financial relief of up to $10,000. nts/thc/Sport.html


Swim NB Team