November Swimmer of the Month

Month /Mois: November

Month Award Theme/ Thème du mois: Training Award

Swimmers Name/ Nageur/Nageuse: Gabriella Belsh

Swimmers Club/ Club: FAST

Gabriella has been incredibly focused on her training this year. She is always at practice early enough to do her activation beforehand, takes care to do it correctly and is leading by example as team captain. Her attendance has been near perfect for over a year. Last year she only missed 2 practices in total and this year, she has made every single practice since September. She has done this while maintaining over a 90% average in a challenging course load and fulfilling her coaching responsibilities with our developmental program.

Gabby puts her 100% in every set and encourages others to work hard during practice. She’s a wonderful presence in the pool and everyone around her benefits from her exemplary work ethic and attitude. It hasn’t always been easy, but she is doing a great job about holding herself accountable to her commitments. We are proud to have her as one of our team captains, and we know that all this hard work will translate into wonderful results both in and out of the pool.

Great work Gabby! Keep it up!

Coach Signature/ Signature de l’entraîneur

Melanie Melanson