Official sign up links for ECLC and Open Water

Hello Everyone,

East Coast Long course and the Open water event are coming up very quickly.  We are looking for officials for both the Open Water event and the ECLC.     Please forward the sign up links below to your membership.  We very much appreciate your help in getting these official positions filled.

East Coast Long Course official sign up:

Open Water event official sign up:

The open water official positions that need to be filled are as follows: Please include the position when signing up.

clerk of course
chief timerkeeper
timekeeper 1 Althea Arsenault
timekeeper 2TomWielemaker
Timekeeper 3
timekeeper 4
Ranking recorder 1
Ranking recorder 2
Ranking Recorder 3
Boat operator #1 Filled
Boat operator #2
Boat operator #3
Kayak 1
Kayak 2
Kayak 3
Kayak 4
Kayak 5
kayak 6