Open Water Swimming Officials Clinic Interest & Previous Experience/Certification

Good Day,
As part of the Atlantic Cup Swim Meet in Saint John, NB in July, we will be holding an Open Water Event on Thursday, July 4th from 8-11 am.

This will feature 1, 3 and 5 Km races and will be open to swimmers age 11 and up (some restrictions apply). In order for this event to be successful we will require officials trained in officiating Open Water Swimming. To that end we are looking to hold an Open Water Swimming Clinic. This will likely occur in May or June, take no more than 2 hours and the location is TBD. At present we are looking to gauge the level of interest only and are not asking for a firm commitment. If you are expecting that you will have swimmer swimming in this event your help will be needed so please consider attending.

If you would be interested in attending this clinic please email to indicate your interest.

Also if you have previous experience or certification in Open Water Swimming and might be available on July 4 to assist with officiating please let us know at

Kind Regards,

Mike MacDonald
FAST Meets and Officials Committee