Para official clinic at NBSCO led by Jocelyn McLean -Head of Canadian Para swimming Officials

Swimming New Brunswick is very lucky to have Jocelyn Maclean coming to Moncton during the NBSCOC to lead a Para officials clinic Jan 30 & 31. Jocelyn is the Head of Canadian Para swimming Officials.  The clinic will take place between sessions Friday and Saturday.  .  A cold lunch will be available at the clinics. Jocelyn will also be available during the meet to mentor the officials taking the clinic.  This is a great opportunity to have your officials trained in officiating Para swimming.  Officials should have their stroke and turn clinic and have deck experience as a stroke and turn official.

All clubs are encouraged to send at least one official ( hopefully more) to this clinic.  The only requirement is that the official have their stroke and turn and have deck experience as a stroke and turn judge.   Since lunch will be provided I am asking that clubs rsvp with an estimate of the number of officials from their club who will attend.

Thank you and I hope every club will take advantage of this great opportunity to be trained by the best!