Pre requisite multi sport modules for Leve 2 Age group coach scheduled in Miramichi April 25&26

Multi sport modules Part B :

1) Design a Basic Sport Program

2) Basic Mental Skills

3) Teaching and Learning

Will be offered in Miramichi March 25-26 2016. These modules are Pre-requisites for any coach wanting to take the NCCP level 2 Age Group coach course. If you have any coaches that may be interested in upgrading their certification to level 2  this year or next , please forward this information to them.

The course schedule:

Design a Basic Sport Program         6:00PM-10:00PM (Friday March 25)

Teaching and Learning                     8:30AM-2:30PM (Saturday March 26)

Basic Mental Skills                           2:30PM-5:30PM  (Saturday March 26 )

To register for one or all of the courses:

Friday March 25th 2016

Design a Basic Sport Program, 6:00PM-10:00PM – to register: 

Saturday March 26th 2016

Teaching and Learning, 8:30AM-2:30PM (Saturday) – to register:

Basic Mental Skills,  2:30PM-5:30PM  (Saturday) – to register:

Location in Miramichi is to be determined.