Provincial Fall Camp – FAST

The provincial fall camp hosted by FAST on October 25 2014 was attended by 22  selected athletes from around the province. The focus of this first provincial camp of the season was technical skill  development and consolidation of these skills in a training environment.

Technical skills instruction included Turn speed (approach, rotation,  streamline and transition into swim), Underwater kick ( Balance of power, tempo, amplitude and intensity), Dive ( Position on block, power release, steamline, underwater kick). The skill stations were followed by training sets.

The dryland training incorporated the first Run Jump Throw physical literacy dryland training session for athletes and coaches led by performance Athletics coach Yvan Pelletier.

The dryland training was followed by an in classroom training session on the Run Jump Throw program for coaches led by Yvan.

Congratulations to the swimmers who qualified for this camp.

Thank you to coaches Marta Belsh FAST, Dale Doucette CVAC, Élise Haché BLAST, Erin Hayes FAST, Melanie Melanson FAST, Brian Woods TIDE, Holly Wright FAST for attending the camp and RJT training.

A big thank you to Athletics  coach   Yvan Pelletier.

Participating selected swimmers:

First Name Last Name Club
Caleb crann WVST
Reagan Crowell CVAC
Luther Edson SSC
Chloe Gartley FAST
Daniel Greer BLAST
Christian Guinard NES
Patric Harrigan TIDE
Kyra Holt TIDE
Janelle Holt TIDE
Angelina Kim TIDE
Louis Lefrancois BLAST
Rachel Lewis TIDE
Bradley Macleod CVAC
Nicole Macneil TIDE
Isabelle Nickerson TIDE
Maxime Paulin BLAST
Jessica Pelletier FAST
Maia Reynolds FAST
Ethan Rice CVAC
Alex Strelkov FAST
Peter Sutherland TIDE
Nicholas Thibodeau CVAC