Provincial team to Sherbrooke – Results

38 Swimmers from 8 New Brunswick clubs travelled as Team New Brunswick to Sherbrooke Quebec to train and compete.  Team NB departure was delayed due to a winter storm on Thursday March 27.

The team had great results at the 10th annual interprovincial P1-P2 competition.  The team established 4 new provincial Team Relay records in the Female 13-14 200 Free and 200 Medley and the Male 13-14 200
Free and 200 Medley. Congratulations to all the athletes on great swimming! The team spent an extra night in Sherbrooke waiting for yet another winter storm to pass.

Provincial team travel is only possible with the volunteer support of the team coaches and chaperones.  The Sherbrooke trip was a 5 day volunteer commitment from the support team of Head Coach Diane Guinard, and assistant coaches Brigitte Bernier, Melanie Melanson and Andrew Clarke and Chaperones Brandon Warren and Marie- Line Thibodeau.  Organizing meals, transporting, organizing and supervising 38 swimmers over 5 days is a very big job.  A huge Thank you to the support team!

sherbrooke results.

sherbrooke relay results