Meet and Time Trial Sanction procedure for clubs. 2018/2019

  1. Meet managers will require a user name and password to access the meet manager login on the SNC site. Please contact your club registrar for a user name and password if you don’t have one.
  2. Meet manager should login to their Swim Canada meet manager login: and post the draft meet package and list their meet for advertising purposes only.
  3. Your draft meet package will be forwarded to the technical committee for review. The technical committee reviews your draft meet package to ensure that your meet package follows the meet criteria as laid out in the meet criteria document. The meet criteria document is posted on the Swimming New Brunswick website.
  4. If the technical committee requires changes to the meet package, the technical committee representative (Diane Guignard, Committee chair, 506 548-0466, will inform the meet manager of the changes that need to be made to the meet package.
  5. The technical committee will approve your meet package and your meet will be sanctioned.
  6. The sanction approval procedure is complete once Swimming New Brunswick approves the meet sanction on the SNB login.
  7. Once sanctioned, the meet must upload the meet event file.
  8. Once the event file is uploaded club can now register for you meet.

For time trial Sanction

The procedure is the same for a time trial sanction. Instead of loading the meet package, the meet manager should load a pdf of the information required for the particular class of Time trial, as outlined in the meet and time trial criteria document, including officials – names, Associated club and level, list of swimmers – names, times and the record ( Class I time trial ) or standard ( Class II time trial ) they hope to achieve. Notice of sanction as listed in the Meet and Time trial Criteria document is mandatory.

In house meets (Meets not on our approved schedule)

An in-house meet is usually a club hosted event in which a club would like to offer an opportunity to get an official time. The host club is required to have all the appropriate officials in place. The host club cannot host an in house meet that will conflict with the SNB meet schedule.

In house meets will not be approved if they fall within 7 days of a scheduled NB meet.