Minutes from Athlete Development Sub Committee Meeting Held at NB Open
(Feb 3rd, 2019)


Brian Woods – Chair
Eric Kenny
Kozue Uchiyama
Andrew Clarke
Alex Savoie
Melanie Melanson


Élise Haché
Wendy Sinclair
Ilham Rachidi

Call to Order

Sunday 3rd February, 2019 at 1:00pm


1. NB Open Debrief

There were a number of changes were made to the NB Open meet package this year and the Technical Committee would like to get an feedback.  The Meet Manager will be asked to provide a report to the Technical Committee the comments will be added to that report.

2. Camps

    1. Development Camp
      How have the Development Camps gone so far?
    2. Skills Camp
      Selection of swimmers.

3. Rewards Program

What to do?

4. AGM Awards

Last year we discussed a changes to the awards presented and the selection process for the Skills Camp. Not all the changes were implemented and the banquet was, compared with previous years, poorly attended.

5. 2019 / 2020 and Beyond

NB Open Debrief

Thoughts from Coaches

Overall the coaches in attendance were happy with the meet format and its position in the calendar. Furthermore, it was evident from the overall fast swimming that swimmers wanted to swim fast and were ready to swim fast.

The discussion focused on the changes that were made for the 2019 meet.

Addition of 4 x 100 Free Relay

This was a well received addition to the meet. However, coaches would like to have all relays, in particularly this one, at the end of the sessions.

  • Move 4 x 100 Free relay to the end of the Friday Finals session (after 1500 Free).
  • Move 4 x 50 Free relay to the end of Sunday Heats session.

Position in Calendar

A well reasoned discussion was had by all attendees on this matter. It was agreed that placing the NB Open the week after High School exams was an improvement (despite the challenges with the weather this year). Swimmers need a final Short Course meet that they can rest for (a little) with little consequence for the coming Long Course season, and that they need to get up and race. It is positive for swimmers to know that the winter training has worked and that they can swim fast; particularly before their first long course meet of the season.

Furthermore, having the meet moved to December would be challenging. SNC discourages performance meets in December since there is not enough time to complete a full training cycle and resting / tapering in December compromises Christmas training. Hosting the meet in late December is problematic due to fiscal, family, and seasonal commitments.

Nova Scotia has implemented a protocol that fines teams that attend meets outside the province on weekends when meets are scheduled in the province. To build the meet we need to be able to attract teams from outside NB, including PEI and NS.

The meet, and all meets, should be placed on the Swimming Canada website in August. Coaches looking for meets and planning seasons for their teams generally look on the Swimming Canada website and not the PSO website.

  • The Calendar Subcommittee should plan to keep the NB Open in the same relative position in the calendar, after High School exams and 2 to 3 weeks before first Long Course Invitational meet.
  • Have all planned Swim NB meet added to the Swimming Canada website as soon as possible. This includes the upcoming meets for the 2018 / 2019 meet.

Finals for 12 and Under (200 Fly, 400 Free, & 400 IM)

It was agreed that 12 and Under swimmers do not need to have a separate Age Group final for the 200 Fly, 400 Free, and 400 IM events. However, 12 and Under swimmers who are capable of making a Super Final should have the option for a second swim. Also these finals were not full this weekend, there is no observable or developmental benefit to running the 3 separate Age Group finals plus a Super Final format for these events.

  • Run A & B Super Finals (ie finals irrespective of age) for the 200 Fly, 400 Free, and 400 IM. Depending on the number of entrants a C final would also be acceptable (swimmers should have to earn a second swim).


Development Camps

Thoughts from Coaches

The structure and plan developed for this year was good, however, the camps have not been run. It is challenging for the host coaches to organise everything required. The camps that have been run were well attended. Development swimmers want to attend / need camps. Something needs to change.

The Western region of the province struggles for commitment from all the clubs.

  • Run camps North / South and then East / West.
  • Request the Swim NB Executive Director communicate with host clubs and or head coach early to get the camp planning moving well ahead of the planned date.

Skills Camp At the AGM / Banquet Weekend

Thoughts from Coaches

A discussion was had around the whole Awards Banquet weekend experience for the swimmers and coaches. The primary conclusion is that the Awards Banquet should be exciting and make swimmers want to attend. It needs to be an event that can be sold to swimmers and the parents… give us something to sell.

Coaches would like an incentive to attend. This was a component of the proposal presented to the Technical Committee in 2018.

The Awards Banquet is the primary draw. The Banquet should be a celebration of the previous seasons performances and achievements.

  • Request that the Banquet Weekend and AGM are planned in advance.
  • Investigate inviting a National coach / Olympian to lead Skills Camp, run a seminar for coaches, and keynote speaker at the banquet.
  • Selection criteria as per Athlete Development Subcommittee recommendation in June 2018:

Number of Swimmer

Maximum of 30 (need to confirm ratio of girls & boys).


No age restrictions. The camp is open to all swimmers except those attending University Swimmers. Need to check on the number of boys and girls.


Top 30 swimmers based on the total FINA points of three (3) different events from the previous season’s performances (the performances can be either short course or long course). The same event from the short course and long seasons cannot be used in the total FINA point calculation (eg 50 Free LC and 50 Free SC would not be permitted).

Rewards Program

A discussion was had around a rewards program and the 2018 AGM. The removal of the Merit and Distinction awards was an error and should be part of the Awards Banquet celebrations.

The Bag Tag program or a program that celebrates successes of swimmers in a season needs to part of the Awards Banquet. Coaches agreed that the Top 3 and Top 10 was not a good process and should not be brought back. There needs to be a program that allows swimmers to track progress, motivate, and develop rounded versatile swimmers.

Coaches would like to see the Awards Banquet be an event swimmers want to attend.

  • Reinstate Award of Merit and Award of Distinction.

2019 / 2020 and Beyond

Canada Games 2021

A discussion was had around planning for the 2021 Canada Games. Coaches do not believe the previous selection processes was appropriate for the age of the swimmers involved and as such the 2021 Selection process will require some change. We need to have a plan in place for the coming 2019 / 2020 season.

  • Form a Canada Games 2021 Selection Process Subcommittee. The subcommittee will:
    • Report through the mandate of the Athlete Development. The reasoning being that the athletes are young and developing. However, there should be input from the High Performance Subcommittee.
    • Review how the other PSOs selected their Canada Games teams in 2017.
    • Generate a report and recommendation for September 1st, 2019.
    • Input from all swim coaches in NB will be sort.
  • Subcommittee will be comprised of volunteer coaches in NB.
    • Current volunteers are:
      1. Melanie Melanson – co-chair
      2. Brian Woods – co-chair from TC
      3. Andrew Clark


Thoughts from Coaches

A discussion was had around standards. The discussion was shortened as coaches realised that it would be a long discussion and substantial project.

A suggestion was made to eliminate the standards for 14 and Under swimmers. This would align with the National Standards.

  • Set up a Subcommittee to develop standards for the 2019 / 2020 season.


The information presented was approved as follows:

  • Proposed by : Melanie Melanson

Seconded by : Andrew Clark

  • Approved by : ALL