Technical Committee Report – October 2018

Diane Guignard (Chair), Marta Belsh (Chair of Coach Education), Brian Woods (Chair of Swimmer development), Mohammed Rachidi (Chair of Calendar/standards), Marcel McLaughlin, (Chair of HP)

All TC business was done by exchange of emails for October.

This report summarises the main actions undertaken by the TC for October 2018

Meet templates season 2018/2019

The meet templates were reviewed and updated at an in-person meeting September 28th and 30th at AGM weekend in Edmundston. These were further developed and posted to the SNC website along with Meet manager files and events files for each division.

This was done with the help of David Richard from CVAC and SNB communication liaison. These can be found under the header ‘’CLUB’’ under the drop down ‘’meet hosting’’. If you find any errors or omissions on these please forward them to the Chair of the Technical committee.

Meet sanctions

Sanctioning of meet packages

Meet packages were approved for the following meets:

FAST Premier – October 27th, 2018.

Date change request due to pool time issues. Date changed to October 20th, 2018. Meet sanctioned with date change.

Approved 5/0

Invitational #1 – October 20 & 21st.

Meet sanctioned as presented.

October 15th, the TC Received a request to allow swimmers without 3 B standards to attend the meet due to low numbers and Premier #1 being on the same weekend and lack of officials available from home club.

This was approved 3/2

MWC Winter Splash Premier #3: January 26th Miramichi:

Approved and sanctioned as presented 5/0

Invitational #2 – Nov 16-18.

Approved as presented. Sanctioned


NB OPEN 2019 – Feb 1-3.

TC discussed at length the NB open. All events will be swim heats and finals except for 800 & 1500 free, which will swim fastest to slowest in the morning with top 6 swimming with finals.

The event will run with Super finals.

All swimmers regardless of age are eligible for the super final. All individual events will be scored the same to avoid any disadvantages to swimmers swimming a time final event for the individual high point awards:

Scoring for individual and relay events will be as follows:

Super final (top 6 overall regardless of age or time final events)

All Age group finals & B final
12 & under final, 13-14 final and 15 & over final

Relays will score double the Age group final points.

This was approved: 3/2

Tracadie Premier #2 – December 1st.

Some discussion took place about a Head Coach being a meet manager at their home meet. This was refused by a 4/1 vote.

Tracadie was asked to appoint another meet manager and their meet was approved and sanctioned.

Further discussion took place about the SNC rule on this for future reference. After consulting the SNC rule book, iit was found based on the SNC rule book that a coach can be a meet manager if he/she is not both at the same meet.

Saint John Premier #2: December 1st:

Received October 31st not yet reviewed.

Other TC Business


A list of eligible NEXT Gen swimmers has been generated from times achieved in the 2017/2018 season based on the published NEXT GEN STANDARDS.

A host has not yet been found for the NEXT GEN Camp.

A list of eligible Performance athletes has been generated from the times achieved in the 2017/2018 season based on the 2019 published National standards.

This list has not yet been published.

Technical Committee Report – October 2018


Meet & standards sub-committee

No meeting of this sub-committee during October. Meet sanctions were done by TC.

High performance sub-committee (June 9th notes)

No meeting of this sub-committee during October.

Brian Woods prepared a list of eligible athletes.

Swimmer development sub-committee (June 9th notes) attached

No meeting of this sub-committee during October.

Coach continuing education sub-committee

No meeting of this sub-committee during October.

Continuing education that took place in October

Community Coach course offered in Fredericton (English) October 27th, 16 candidates registered

Community Coach course offered in Bathurst (French) 6 candidates registered

Fundamentals coach course offered in Moncton (English)

Respectfully submitted

November 2nd, 2018

Diane Guignard ChPC

Technical Committee Chair