Swimming New Brunswick Technical Committee
Minutes Sunday September 30th 2018
Meeting room Hotel Best Western Edmundston NB


Presence: Diane Guignard, Marcel McLaughlin, Brian Woods and Mohamed Rachidi
Absence: Marta Belsh

1. Welcome and AGENDA:

Previous Minutes not available at the time of the meeting:


  • Competition Fees
  • Development Camps

Motion to accept the agenda as presented with the additions.

The agenda is proposed by Diane, seconded by Marcel.  Motion carried

2. Agenda items:

NEXT GEN camp:

  • Location TBA: A host club is required for the NextGen camp.
  • it was pointed out that the NextGen camp is the same weekend as the high school regional. A change of date has been suggested.
  • NextGen athletes will be selected based on times achieved in 2017/2018, according to the published qualification standards
  • NextGen athletes will be selected according to qualifying times as Published for the 2017/2018 season.
  • NextGen athletes will be selected based on their age at December 31, 2018.
  • NextGen athletes will be selected according based on their age on the first day of the camp.

Motion: Marcel proposes to adopt the decisions for the Next Gen Camp, seconded by Rachidi. Motion carried


In view of the need for benchmarking and progress monitoring, tests and assessments for swimmers at HP & NextGen camps will include:   A classroom session of the host clubs choice:

  1. Anaerobic/Aerobic fitness Test
  2. Ability testing
  3. Speed Test
  4. Stroke efficiency


Marcel will develop the fitness tests that will be used at the next NextGen camp.

Brian will develop a list of qualified athletes for review by the Committee

Marta was approached by email to host the NextGen camp. She will get back to the Committee on the possibility.

-the list of eligible athletes will be posted on the SNB website and on the Facebook page, and will be communicated to all Club coaches and presidents by email.

Proposal: Diane proposes to adopt the proposed camp Next Gen plan, seconded by Rachidi Motion adopted

Premiere meets:

  • Brian presented the notes of the Athlete Development Committee by email. The events offered on the first drafts were not aligned with the Committee notes, so changes were made to the in accordance with the Committee’s recommendations.
  • The 100IM & 200IM were added in accordance with the recommendation of the Committee.
  • All 50m events were added to all Premiere meets according to the recommendations of the Sub-Committee on athlete Development.
  • it was recommended to allow the host club to add two events of their choice respecting the 4-hour delay.
  • It was proposed to allow host clubs to accept teams from outside the province as long as they can meet the 4-hour delay without penalizing NB swimmers.
  • The question of allowing meet managers to set the meet fees provoked a debate. After much discussion, It was decided to table the item and have the Presidents council discuss the issue and provide a recommendation.
  • The Technical Committee will implement the decisions of the Council of Presidents on the costs of Premiere meets.

Proposal: Rachidi proposes to table this item and forward it to the President’s council.   supported by Marcel.  Motion carried

Invitational Series

Proposal: Diane proposes to adopt the models of the Invitation series such as presented, seconded by Brian. Motion carried

Championship Series

A discussion was held on requests for clarification on scoring for super finals.

  • it was moved that all age groups have preliminaries and finals in all events except for 800/1500 free for NB Open and Spring Champs.
  • it was recommended that any timed final events be scored the same as the super finals.

TOP 8/6 Overall will be the same as the Super final.

The next Top 8/6 GROUP by age group will be the same score as the finals and B final.

  • it was proposed that swimmers 11 years and under swim Time final for the 200fly and 400IM at MLTC and will have Score the same as age groups with finals.
  • A discussion took place around the Maritime/ATLANTIC Cup.
    It was recommended to allow the host team to develop a draft for review. It was discussed that the revision of this draft should be very flexible since the host Club will need to attract a larger number of swimmers to ensure the success of this competition. A discussion was held on how to attract clubs from the outside. This will be the subject of a later agenda item.
  • It was suggested that we publish all our competitions on the SNC site for advertising purposes only and then proceed to the sanctions once we have approved the meet packages of each competition.

This will allow our competitions to appear on SNC when clubs from outside the province will be looking for competitions allowing them to have our competitions in their annual plans.

Motion : Marcel proposes to adopt the decisions and recommendations concerning the Championship series, seconded by Rachidi. Motion carried


Meeting adjourned 9H40AM