Sherbrooke team will depart as scheduled. 5:00am from Moncton

Hello Everyone,

The storm is forecast to be over by tomorrow morning so we will plan to leave for Sherbrooke as scheduled.  That means a 5:00AM departure from Moncton. Coach Melanson and Driver will make the final decision on departure from Moncton in the morning.    If conditions warrant,  departure  from Moncton will be delayed until both are satisfied conditions are good to travel.  The delay will be communicated through email, website and Facebook.  Otherwise the bus will leave as scheduled.

Everyone should be at their bus stops at the scheduled time.  Please watch the website and Facebook for possible delays.

 Looking forward to the return trip, Please be aware that a system is predicted to pass through the Maritimes on Sunday.  The support staff will monitor conditions and make a decision on Sunday whether to leave Sherbrooke as scheduled or to delay departure until Monday.  Swimmers will contact their parents regarding the return trip schedule as soon as a decision is made.

Sherbrooke Bus Itinerary Thursday 5AM departure from Moncton