SSC Premier meet a big success..

The SSC Autumn Premier had 137 athletes from four Clubs with 427 entries! I ran out of PB ribbons so some swimmers did very well indeed. Despite the slippery roads there was a great turnout of support both in the stands and on the pool deck. Many thanks to all those parents and supporters who officiated as we could not have done it without you. As Meet Manager I’d like to give a special acknowledgement to Sophie Doiron and Nadine Cormier-Dupuis from CNBO who ran the computer with flawless efficiency and to Larry Breau from CVAC who helped with wrangling officials into spots on the deck. A special acknowledgement is also given to Diane Michaud of SSC who is one of our “go to” officials even though she hasn’t had swimmers in the pool for some time.
On behalf of the Sackville Swim Club, congratulations to all the swimmers, and thank you to all the officials and parents for making the SSC Autumn Premier a great success!
Wayne Anderson
Meet Manager, SSC Autumn Premier