Swimmer Meet, Camp and High Performance Funding

2016 – 2017

Total funding 28,600.00

MINIMUM CRITERIA: To be eligible for Meet Funding, athletes must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be registered with Swimming New Brunswick by October 31 of the current season.
  2. Must be currently registered to be eligible for meet funding or quarterly carding payments.
  3. Must have attended a minimum of one1 SNB Championship meet ( NB Spring Champs, NB summer champs) the previous year or if the swimmer did not attend 1 SNB Championship meet the previous year , must attend 1 championship meet ( NB Spring Champs, NB summer champs) in the current year before they are eligible for funding
  4. Must represent the Swimming New Brunswick club with whom they are registered at any meet for which they will apply for funding
  5. Coach of Record must be in good standing with SNB/SNC (paid in full to SNC & SNB CSCTA)
  6. Coach of Record must meet the minimum SNC coach requirements.
  7. Swimmers receiving national carding are not eligible for New Brunswick swimmer funding.

The SNB policy also in effect is:

“Swimmers attending a National (SNC designated) meet for the second (or more) time must make the meet entry standard at the meet in order to be eligible for full funding, otherwise, only 50% of the designated funding will be allowed”


Eligibility – Swimmers must meet swimmer funding criteria to be eligible for carding.  For 2016-2017 Swimmers from 2015-2016 LC carding will have their eligibility deadline extended to April 30 2017

Olympic side

Once an athlete achieves a Senior National standard ( LC qualifying time within peak windows of March/April or July/August )they receive $50/month from Swimming NB- to be paid quarterly.

Carding status from National standards achieved in the spring peak window March 1 2017- April 30 2017 will expire August 31 2017

Carding status from National standards achieved in the summer peak window July 1 2017 – August 31 2017 will expire April 30  2018

Paralympic side

Once a Para swimmer achieves Top 5 performance at Can Ams Winter or Summer or Paralympic Trials in an IPC event and meets the minimum Para carding standard, they will receive $50.00/month from Swimming NB – to be paid quarterly

Must also meet a minimum standard: Minimum standard TBA

Carding status will expire August 31 2017

Meets and Camps

Please see this document for breakdown of funding by meet and camp.