Swimming New Brunswick Nominating Committee Seeking Nominations

The SNB Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors. The election of Directors will take place at the Annual General Meeting on June 9th, 2012 in Fredericton, NB, There are two (2) positions for election.

The deadline for nominations is April 14, 2013 but please do not leave this until the last minute. Candidates are not required to be in attendance at the AGM. Ideally, the Board of Directors combines a variety of skills and backgrounds as well as gender and linguistic balance. Board members will have a passion for the sport of swimming.

Ideally a background in some of the following skills would be benficial – business or financial background, business or strategic planning, legal or risk management expertise and demonstrated leadership experience in non-profit organizations. Board members are required to commit time to Board conference calls, committee work and travel expectation is limited. Interested persons who have questions and/or require clarification should contact the Swim NB Nomintaing Committee or Swim NB Office

We encourage all interested persons to submit a nomination form. In addition, if you are aware of someone who you believe would serve SNB well as a director, please encourage either that person to submit a nomination form or contact Ed Burridge or Pat Ketterling so that we may approach her/him. Thank you for your assistance.
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