Swimming New Brunswick seeking qualified candidates for Board positions

Swimming New Brunswick is seeking qualified candidates to fill Board positions that will be coming up for election at this years June 8 2014 AGM The Nominating Committee has identified qualifications and core competencies that ideally will be reflected in the SNB Board. To ensure that the Board is composed of qualified and skilled persons capable of, and committed to, providing effective leadership to SNB, the Nominating Committee is looking for individuals having one or more of the following:

  •   A background, passion and knowledge of swimming as an athlete, coach, official, administrator or volunteer leader;
  • Knowledge of strategic planning and business planning
  • Human resources managements expertise;
  • Legal and risk management expertise;
  • Business and corporate experience, including expertise in financial management; and/or
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in non-profit organizations.

Individuals who are not less than nineteen (19) years of age, who have the power under law
to contract and who are a “resident” of New Brunswick, Canada may be nominated
as a Director. Employees or contract employees of SNB or SNB Member clubs are
not eligible to be nominated for election as a Director

Interested individuals are encouraged to complete the Declaration of Intent form and forward it to the SNB office

Board of Directors declaration of Intent