Temporary replacement for our Executive Director

5th May 2019

Dear Presidents, coaches and members of SNB,

We are asking for your help in finding a suitable person or persons to replace our Executive Director for a period of 6 – 12 months. As many of you know, EeVe Stever will be taking maternity leave from August 2019. The role of Executive Director is vital to our organization and we need to find strong candidates to ensure that SNB continues to provide the services and supports that our clubs and members expect.

When we last recruited an Executive Director in October 2016, we found that there were few candidates that met our needs. Recruiting for a temporary position is likely to make this even more difficult.

For this reason, the Board has decided to consider creating several part-time positions, instead of a single full-time position, if this will enable us to find people with the skills and experience that we need. We think that this could interest people such as students, retirees, coaches or even swimming parents, who have these skills and experience but who do not wish (or are not available) to work full-time. While the SNB office is at Bathurst, we will envisage that much of this work can be done from home, or elsewhere. We may consider maintaining a part-time post after the current Executive Director returns from maternity leave, providing us with muchneeded extra capacity. Of course, a full-time post would certainly be possible if we find one person who is able to do all that we require.

At this stage, we are asking you, as club presidents, coaches and parents of swimmers, to circulate the attached Position Announcement around your networks, and to think of people that you know who could undertake part, or all, of the role of Executive Director. May I especially suggest that you consider ex-swimmers in your clubs who have since gone on to other studies, or maybe parents, grandparents or friends who have experience in managing a small organisation. We will also be posting this notice on several employment sites on the internet, including swimming sites, in order to reach a wider range of possible candidates.

Please ask any interested candidates to contact me, by telephone or by email, to discuss the post or to submit their application.

Download position announcement

Stephen Wyatt, SNB President
swimnatationnb.president@gmail.com Tel : 506 735-5154