Transition to Orange alert level

Dear members,

We hope you had a good time during your holidays, and that you are in good shape to start this new year.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions document attached and at this link: for complete details on the restrictions. Quick highlights include:

Unfortunately, and as you may have known, ALL areas of New Brunswick will be transitioning to the Orange phase starting at midnight tonight.

  • Q. 2 Recreation and Sport organizations may operate but are limited to practices and/or skill and drills within a single team. No games or competitions. Organizations must take measures to best ensure physical contact is restricted. A single team is defined as a group of individuals that has been getting together on a weekly regular/seasonal ongoing basis for their organized activity (sessional activities are not allowed).
  • Q. 4 Only essential travel is recommended in and out of Orange-level zones. Organized sport is not considered essential travel.
    At this time, this is regardless if an athlete has always been a member of a team outside of their region)
  • Q. 10, 19, 20 Facility occupancy is limited to 50 or fewer; Locker rooms and common areas must be closed in gyms, fitness facilities and yoga studios; Showers must be closed
  • Q. 12 Active screening is required upon arrival to practise. As an enhanced precaution, for those who feel their sport has a greater element of risk, temperature checks can be requested at home or at the facility.
  • Q. 16 While masks are not required by individuals while participating in an organized sport, they must be worn indoors at all other times, including between practices and games, etc. Masks are also mandatory in public spaces both indoors and outdoors.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation and stay safe.